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Living with the Menopause.

“Menopause is a divinely designed phase in a woman’s life, with the purpose of liberating her from duties as a pro-creator with God and giving her time for self-improvement, for the perfection of her human and divine characteristics and her spiritual growth” Paavo Airola -Every Woman’s body.

What is the Menopause?

The menopause is literally “a stop in a woman’s menses” and is a very important rite of passage. No such like unique event takes place in a man’s body. The menopause is a beginning, a time for looking forward, not one of sadness or regret. It is a time for renewal, not for fear of ageing. The ancient Greeks understood it as a time when gently, gradually and gracefully a woman is relieved of the childbearing process. Nature has designed the menopause to be a slow downward shift in the process of producing estrogen by the ovaries with minimal side effects. Many women expect their minds and bodies to deteriorate as they age, instead of remaining strong, vital and sexually attractive. A powerful affirmation is “If you think so it is so” It really is up to each person to trust their bodies to remain strong and healthy during menopause and beyond. Many people have watched their grandmothers, mothers, sisters or aunts going through a difficult time in the menopause and unconsciously follow suit. It seems their expectations of menopausal problems have led them to experience the same ailment.“Every thought you think is creating your future” Louise Hayes – You can heal your life

When does the Menopause begin?

Most women go through the menopause during the same time span as their mothers. On average, Western women start the menopause at around fifty-one. In the USA the average age is forty-eight whilst it is fifty-two in the UK. The process may take 6 – 13 years and during this time periods may stop and re-start ie there is a pause in bloodflow before it stops, hence the nomenclature “menopause”. Women who smoke usually menopause two years earlier because smoking effects the secretion of estrogen from the ovaries. This causes a decrease in the levels of this hormone. If a woman has suffered with pre-menstrual syndrome menopause begins a year later on average. A hysterectomy where the ovaries are left in tact can accelerate the onset of menopause by five years. Women with fibroids and plump women are known to have higher levels of estrogen and therefore menopause may be postponed. Women who never had children often menopause earlier as do malnourished women. The good news is that regardless of when it starts 80% of women have a normal menopause with only minor symptoms, if any.The menopause is one of life’s natural processes not a deficiency disease. In a study of a group of healthy menopausal women only 3% expressed any regret of out of their reproductive years.Most menopausal women expect to have to endure hot flushes. In some cultures women get very few or simply do not have a word to describe them. Maybe they do not view them as a problem. Hot flushes are a natural phenomenon. For every degree that the body temperature is raised, the speed of the white blood cells which gobble up invading infection is accelerated by 10%. So maybe hot flushes are in fact designed to kill off viral and bacterial infections thereby accelerating a woman’s immune system as she enters the menopause.As a culture we preach that ageing people become depressed , forgetful, slow and tired. Latest evidence on ageing show IQ and memory can remain pretty much in tact throughout most of life Ageing is often associated with the menopause as a condition that needs treating and HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) as a way of treating it.

How do Natural Herbs help?

There are herbs that can regulate hormones naturally ie the Female Tonic. The formulae is made up of the following:
Vitex agnus –castus / Chaste Tree berry, Discorea villousa / Wild Yam rhizome, Angelica polymorpha sinensis / Dong Quai root, Damiana leaf, Licorice root and Hops flowers.Dosage for menopause
1-2 dropperfuls (35 – 70 drops) 3 – 4 times daily.Therapeutic Action
Regulation and balancing of the female hormones. Relief from the symptoms of menopause and PMS such as anxiety, depression, anger, nervousness, water retention/ bloating hot flashes, hair loss and dry vaginal tissue. Regulation and normalization of the menstrual cycle. Increased fertility. Increased sexual desire.

An effective overall female tonic. It provides women with herbal phytochemicals that are needed to create hormones, helps to balance the hormones and calms nerves. It gives women that sense of well being and control. It does so by increasing the communication between the endocrine organs in the brain and the ovaries. It allows a woman to have the ability to age slowly and naturally and make comfortable transitions from puberty through menopause.Today most estrogen is derived from torturing pregnant horses. Their urine is drained from their bladder via a catheter 24 hours a day. Even the manufacturers of estrogen report in medical journals that post-menopausal women who use estrogen ruan a 4-14 times greater risk of developing uterine and breast cancers, not to mention liver disease and other illness.


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