Herbal Therapy

How can Herbal Therapy help me?

herb_200_140Herbal Medicine is a complimentary treatment through the use of botantical extracts and plant essences. They are used specifically for the treatment of ailments and the prevention of certain diseases. Herbal remedies have been used all over the world for thousands of years and make up the most popular form of treatment for the majority of the world’s population.



How do herbs compare to standard medicine?

Traditional medcines are often manafactured from man made components are designed to work on a specific symptom. The down side is that these components often affect other parts of the human body causing side affects. These can range from uncomfortable to severe reactrions. With Hebal remedies the entire plant is used which allows active chemicals to be more effective in balanced dosages. Its is well knon that using the whole plant stimulates the body’s own process of healing and therefore is more effective. In general a herbal remedy will aim to treat the person as single individual rather than a mish mash of symptoms.

How long can I expect a treament to last?

That depends how long you have had the complaint. But a good guide is that for every year you have had the ailement you can expect a month’s worth of treatment. In some cases it can even be shorter depending on how well your body reacts to the treatment.

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What is a normal bowel movement?

  • You should be able to evacuate your bowel in less than 2 minutes without any straining, squeezing or grunting.
  • Every bowel movement should be soft and mushy like smooth cottage cheese, slightly gaseous and should crumble and break up as it reaches the water on the toilet’s surface. Anything harder, dryer or more formed than this and you are constipated.
  • Healthy bowel movement should be the colour of wild honey and should smell basically of the food you have eaten.

With chronic constipation only 10% of the food eaten is utilized. Do remember that most laxatives are poisonous and merely serve to irritate the bowel, doing nothing to remove the encrusted mucus. If laxatives are used regularly the colon becomes weaker from over-stimulated and irritation so that the dosage has to be increased/ A properly functioning bowel means better food assimilation and it also increases vitality and allows better absorption of nutrients, often reducing the desire to eat as much food.


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